I am home now but feel emptiness inside

“I am home now but feel emptiness inside” Terry Roberts Uncle Terry

Uncle Terry and Caroline

There is the age old adage – there’s no place like home. But what happens once you are home and you are left yearning for the place you’ve just left?

This is the Vanuatu experience told by local ex pat who describes his love for Vanuatu and it’s people.

After chatting with my long time friend and Vanuatu local (affectionately known as Uncle Terry) about the paradise that is Vanuatu. He shared just how magic this island truly is.

We were laughing and sharing about the people and places I then asked him a simple question.

What is it about Vanuatu that is so special to you?

His answer, albeit surprising, was the perfect summation of how Vanuatu is not just a place to visit, but rather a place that you are desperate to return.

A fellow Australian, he recalls the feeling after leaving Vanuatu after his first visit. “I missed the deep connections I made”. “I had absolutely no idea paradise was literally at my door step”.  He went on to express the profound affect that it had on his life and said after visiting “My life just changed and I have a new understanding” You see, like all those who have gone before, and will return again, although he was home… he felt a sense of emptiness inside.

It was this longing for Vanuatu that saw Uncle Terry return and ultimately call Vanuatu home for the last 20 years.

Vanuatu – not just a place to visit but rather a place you are desperate to return!

Caroline x

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