Best Things To Do In Vanuatu – Wet ‘n Wild Adventure Park


Image of Wet n Wild Adventure Park

Have A Wet And Wild Adventure In The Paradise Of Vanuatu

There is one region of the globe that has excited explorers and travellers from across the world for centuries – and that is the Pacific. One of the gems in the crown of this largely unspoiled region is the island chain of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a reputation for being off the beaten tourist track – and that has proven an irresistible lure for those travellers in search of adventure and a destination that promises a walk on the wild side. The rugged jungle setting of the islands, combined with world-class snorkelling and diving attractions are only part of what makes this island paradise simply irresistible.

However, it is not only the lure of the salt water that keeps visitors anxious to experience more. Aside from the jungle hikes where babbling mountain streams can be explored there is also the fun to be had at one of Vanuatu’s premier tourist attractions – the charm and fun of the Wet n Wild Adventure Park.

The Park is a haven for those who want good clean family fun. Here guests are presented with a wealth of activities – each more fun than the last.

One of the most popular activities is ‘Zorbing’ – and it supplies laughter and adrenaline in equal measure. Participants are encased in a 4m ‘inflatable Hydro ball’ and then the adventure starts. They are then tumbled down a gentle hill which has been prepared with a liberal application of water.

For more water-based fun there is the 90-metre long water slide. It is simplicity at its finest – and delivers on excitement. Guests either choose the option of descending under their own power or on a variety of inflatable platforms. Laughter seems as important as the water in making this a guest favourite.

Of course, there is also the option of leaving the welcoming water behind – and for that matter leaving the ground altogether when guests choose the option of enjoying the human slingshot. In this activity, participants are launched 50 metres through the air enjoying the G Forces and (for a brief time) the freedom of flight courtesy of some carefully tended and checked bungee cords.

There are also activities such as go-karting on the winding 250-metre tack where racing provides the spice of competition in a safe and secure environment.

Exploring the natural beauty that surrounds the park and experiencing a slice of what makes Vanuatu the island paradise that it is becomes a pleasure when one of the Park’s Segways is the mode of transportation. However, to explore even further you need not even choose a mode of transport. The Park’s virtual reality experience allows guests to explore the far reaches of the galaxy, plumb the depths of the sea or experience a hair raising roller coaster ride – all from the comfort of a seated position is an experience not to be missed.

Vanuatu is a paradise – and the Wet n Wild Adventure Park just adds that little bit of fun to the adventure of exploring – put some time aside and add it to your island bucket list.

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