Best Things To Do In Vanuatu – Mystery Island


Image of Mystery Island beach

Investigate Unspoiled Paradise On Mystery Island In Vanuatu

In these days of value for money tour packages, cheap travel options and an increasingly demanding tourism market the search for the elusive untouched sliver of paradise can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are still corners of the planet that will reward those who want to enjoy a vacation on the wild side. One such place is Vanuatu in the magnificent Pacific. This nation, made up of 80 islands is one of the last refuges for those who want to explore a destination that until recently was off the beaten track. Fortunately, The islands of Vanuatu are now more easily accessible than has been the case in the past – now paradise is within reach.

Choosing from the jewels of the Pacific is no easy task – but Mystery island in Vanuatu ticks all the right boxes for those in search of the ideal island paradise.

Mystery Island is a place that has seemingly been lifted wholesale from the pages of classic literature on the Pacific. It is the essence of a storybook ideal- sparkling clear waters, pristine coral reefs, wondrous marine life, powder soft white sand beaches guarded by overhanging palm trees and a sense of stillness that rewards those in search of tranquility – and the opportunity to wonder at the beauty of nature at its most unspoiled.

This pocket paradise in Vanuatu’s Tafea Province has for decades been untouched by the ills that plague high volume tourist destinations – ever since the United States military built an airstrip to service nearby island destinations. Today Mystery Island has a limited number of huts for those who wish to overnight in a place where the gentle waves lull you to sleep and the canopy of stars settle across the sky.

It also services by some of the most respected cruise operators on the globe. For these visitors, the availability of modern (yet unobtrusive) amenities offer the opportunity to revel in the flora and fauna of the island paradise – or choose to venture deeper into its interior while exploring the trails that meander across the island.

For those who are not part of the cruise ship experience Mystery Island can be accessed via the water – it is only 10 minutes away from the ‘Big Island’ of Aneityum – a major hub for tourist activity. There is also the option of engaging the services of Air Vanuatu which has flights to the island three times a week.

Timing a visit to coincide with the arrival of a cruise ship is highly recommended. This is when locals from Aneityum arrive with tourist gifts, fresh lobster, local foodstuffs, organic Coconut Oils and packages of the incredible local coffee. A visit to the island market will reveal an abundance of fresh seafood including a variety of Lobster species which can be prepared on site. Visitors will also enjoy the opportunity to snorkel and dive attractions like shipwrecks, untouched reefs and submerged caves – or interact with the turtles that swarm the water around Mystery island.

If you want a walk on the wild side set your sights on solving the mystery of why this island is recognised as the perfect antidote for modern life – solving that mystery should be easy.

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