Best Things To Do In Vanuatu – Millenium Cave


Image of one of the best places to visit in Vanuatu, Millenium Caves

Visiting Millenium Cave In Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the most unspoiled holiday destinations on the planet. Although it has been regarded in the past as a destination off the beaten track, Vanuatu has improved its tourist-based accommodation options and travel to the Islands has become much easier. This Island nation, which consists of 80 atolls ringed by sparkling waters that boast pristine coral wealth and a bounty of natural life in one of the jewels of the South Pacific Ocean. It is especially attractive to lovers of scuba diving. Wrecks about, as do underwater grottos that beg for exploration.

There are so many wonderful natural attractions in (or on) Vanuatu that is difficult to select the best of them as destinations worthy of exploration for the visitors to this unspoiled volcanic Island paradise – but high on the list must be Millenium Cave.

This is a tourism spot that will reward those who want to explore the unspoiled natural wonder of Vanuatu. It is a reward for those who do not mind a heated jungle walk through not only a richness of Flora, but also trudging through streams and transversing bamboo bridges – only to duck through the falls that obscure the Cave’s entrance – and be transported into a world of wonder where towering cliffs overshadow the pristine waters of a gorge that beckons to those who want to enjoy tubing or the simple job of swimming in unspoiled waters and simply taking in the natural splendor of the area.

Millenium Cave is only about one hour’s drive from Luganville Town – prior to embarking on that jungle trek to reach your final destination.

Aside from the wonders and undeniable pleasures of exploring the gorge the cave itself allows visitors a glimpse of the flora and fauna, including tiny bats and Cave Sparrows that call these towering vaults home. The spaces soar overhead 50 metres or more above the visitor and between 4 – 5 kilometres of cave interior to explore. For those who take the organised tour option (which is highly recommended), lunch of the Riverside and at the close of the days exploration tropical treats and exceptional coffee provided courtesy of the inhabitants of Vunaspef village await the lover of both culture and the unspoiled nature.

For those who are in love with the very idea of exploring, a trip to Vanuatu and the Millenium Cave is one of the experiences that will live in memory forever. This is an eco-tourism experience that ranks among the best in the world. Those who choose to explore this option the opportunity to interact with like-minded folk who share a winder of the natural world. Add the attraction of highly experienced guides who are well versed in the history, natural attractions and culture of the native Melanesian culture and all the elements are there for the holiday of a lifetime.

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